What are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

08 May

About 80% of women who are menopausal suffer its related symptoms. The symptoms a quarter of these women are severe. If you are of them you may experience some or all of the known menopause symptoms which include irregular periods, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, chills night sweats, difficulty in sleeping, swift changes in mood, slow metabolism and weight gain.

You can't take menopausal symptoms for granted, thinking that they will disappear shortly.  The truth is that they can they can last a long time. For example, hot flushes and night sweats can last over seven years. You can't allow yourself to suffer that long. Moreover, with the other symptoms like abrupt mood changes and sleeping difficulty, it is not only you who are affected. If you have a family, your husband and children can be up for a stressful time. It could affect your family life.

It is not logical to do nothing to address the symptoms when there is an effective way of dealing with them.  You can undergo hormone replacement therapy. The best thing about this therapy is while it is directed primarily at the symptoms; it also offers other health benefits. It is known to reduce the health risks associated with advancing age - cardiovascular disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

Hormone replacement is fast gaining popularity as an effective treatment of menopausal symptoms. Actual application show excellent results. Hot flashes and night sweats are significantly reduced in just a month with maximum reduction achieved in three months.  Surely you would choose to undergo hormone replacement rather than suffer seven years.

There are now many doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy.  If you are tired of the night sweats, the hot flashes,  or getting worries about the  noticeable increase in weight, what you have to do is simply search  hormone replacement therapy near me  in the internet. It will give you a list of clinics  in or near your locality offering hormone replacement therapy. Even faster way of finding a hormone replacement clinic is visiting BodyLogicMD, a web site offering a listing of all said clinics across the country.  

Although hormone replacement therapy is getting popular, many menopausal women still do not know a lot about it. This is probably the reason why only 25% of women suffering severe menopause are undergoing the therapy. If you think you need to learn more about it before you decide whether to undergo the treatment or not, there are plenty of web sites providing relevant articles about it. For more info, visit this website.

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