Hormone Replacement Therapy: Its Impact to Your Body

08 May

Through decades of thorough research, many kinds of medications have been utilized to treat complications and health-related problems that come along with menopause but one widely used treatment that a lot of people know about is the hormone replacement therapy. This medication is ground on a theory that is may effectively prevent any sort of discomforts that are brought by shrinking estrogen and progesterone levels due to menopause. In performing the treatment procedure, a number of medications are enhanced in order to improve the levels of hormones artificially. These medications target the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormones since these are the hormones that are usually affected at menopause.

There are varieties of hormone replacement therapies that can be used to a patient and one of these is called Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This particular kind medication consists of three forms of estrogen such as estrone, estriol and estradiol. These forms of estrogen are naturally present in our bodies but not on menopausal stage, the levels of these are already significantly decreased that would be the root of the problems. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is applied to the patient topically in the form of gel or cream. In most circumstances, this reduces liver toxicity that is usually caused by oral medications. But, as much as this medication could effectively replace the hormones inside the body, experts say that the replaced hormones can't reproduce the delivery scheme similarly to hormones that are naturally created by our body. In addition to this, this type of medication most probably increases the chance of getting fetal diseases like breast cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Get more info here: www.bodylogicmd.com

Another kind of hormone replacement therapy is the utilization of mixed conjugated equine estrogen. This also contains estrogen substances that usually attach to hydrophilic side groups like sulfate. But, similarly to Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, this conjugated equine estrogen could  exposure a patient to more risk of getting heart diseases and cancers. To administer this, the use of oral pills, tablets, skin patches, or in rare instances - injection. In order to reduce the risk created by this kind of hormone therapy, it is recommended to consume only little amount of doses.

Due to a number of problems and that come with hormone replacement therapy, there are already several options that are develop through the years. Among these options consist of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, phytoestrogens (botanical non-hormone drug therapy) and lifestyle modifications. To avoid getting osteoporosis, diet modification must be done and calcium supplementation must be taken together with regular exercise. Check out for BodyLogicMD.

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